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Red Cove Road rezoning decision comes back to Bonavista council

The area near Red Cove Road has a zoning change proposal to possibly accommodate a new hotel in the town.
The area near Red Cove Road has a zoning change proposal to possibly accommodate a new hotel in the town. - Jonathan Parsons

The final decision on the rezoning of an area of Red Cove Road to potentially accommodate a hotel will fall back to the Town of Bonavista.

The province's Municipal Affairs recently determined, after reviewing the rezoning proposal documentation, it was up to the town council to do as it pleases.

However, the town is not yet ready to make a final decision

Bonavista Mayor John Norman told The Packet on May 30, they are still assessing the proposal.

But Norman says council is still considering the situation.

“They don’t take into account our water and sewer service, road widths, access points – all these types of things. So those are all municipal issues, so a number of those are what we’re dealing with now.”

He says council met with the proposed developer and their engineer to get a better understanding of the proposal.

“The town hasn’t actually reviewed the plans,” he says, adding council will eventually review the architectural drawings and infrastructure requirements.

“Basically, council has not made a decision on that,” says Norman.

The developer made the request to council in February, asking for rezoning from "open" to "open tourism" in the area known as Red Head, off Red Cove Road. This would allow the developer to submit an application to construct a hotel at the end of the street.

However, many residents in the area opposed the idea and submitted letters to protest.

They say the development would increase traffic on a small, residential lane, and eliminate valuable open, recreational and environmental space near the coastline.

The town sent the rezoning proposal to Municipal Affairs and Environment, as is procedure.

Now that the decision is back to the council table, the mayor says because of the public opposition council might consider public consultation before they make a final decision.

“It may just be cut off, but I have a feeling it may go to public consultation.”

Norman says the matter will see more discussion at the next council meeting.

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