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Stocking stuffer lotto win means no more trips west for Lewisporte construction worker

Ronda Boyde and Lorne Deering of Lewisporte are celebrating a holiday lottery win.
Ronda Boyde and Lorne Deering of Lewisporte are celebrating a holiday lottery win. - Contributed

The Scratch’N Win tickets tucked into Ronda Boyde and Lorne Deering’s holiday stockings turned out to be a bigger gift than they could have ever imagined. The winnings from those tickets eventually led to the Lewisporte couple claiming a $350,000 top prize on Atlantic Lottery’s Classic Celebration Pack.

“We were in shock,” said Boyde. “We were excited and ecstatic.”

For Deering, a construction worker commuting out west for work, the win means he can stay home in Newfoundland from now on.

“This means no more fly-outs. I’ll only do construction at home,” he said.

The couple gave each other holiday-themed scratch ticket gift packs as stocking stuffers. As they scratched and found winning tickets, they used their prizes to keep playing, with Deering eventually opting to buy a Classic Celebration gift pack.

“The clerk didn’t have any of the other (holiday) gift packs in the tray so I took this one instead,” he said. “If I’d gone to the other clerk, I’d have bought the same one we’d been playing all along.”

Less than half an hour later, enjoying a warm cup of coffee at their kitchen table, Boyde scratched the tickets. As Deering looked on, Boyde revealed three $350,000 symbols.

“I read the back to make sure it was a winner and it said to match three prize amounts or symbols,” said Boyde, who works at a local construction supplies store. “He cried a little and I did a dance right there in the kitchen.”

The win also means that 2019 will be mortgage-free for the couple.

“We will be debt-free,” said Boyde. “Our paycheques are ours now.”

The ticket was purchased at Lewisporte Orangestore in Lewisporte. The retailer will receive a one per cent seller’s prize.

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