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Flu shot clinics start next week across Newfoundland and Labrador

With the flu beginning to appear in northern Nova Scotia, the area's chief medical officer of health is encouraging people to get a flu shot.
Starting Monday, Oct. 22, Newfoundland and Labrador regional health authorities will begin to host public immunization clinics and offer the vaccine through community health offices. To help increase access to the vaccine, the number of public clinics will increase this year. - Metro Halifax

FluMist will not be offered as part of the publicly-funded influenza program this year

With flu season fast approaching — if not already here — the province’s regional health authorities are once again gearing up for free vaccination clinics throughout the province starting this coming Monday.

Last year, roughly 125,000 people got the flu shot, which protects against four strains of the influenza virus, including H1N1 and H3N2.

While there are more clinics offered this year, FluMist will not be offered as part of the publicly-funded influenza program due to a decrease in demand.

The Department of Health and Community Services says anyone six months or older should receive the vaccination, especially those at risk for complications, including

pregnant women, adults, and children with chronic health conditions, and seniors. People are encouraged to get the flu shot in the fall or early winter to give their bodies time to build up immunity.

Clinic schedules and locations are available on the four health authority websites, or by calling 811.

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