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Guaranteed ace in Eastport

Ace of spades vector illustration isolated
Ace of spades vector illustration isolated

The one card that everyone has been searching for is guaranteed tomorrow night in Eastport.

After 52 weeks, the ace of spades is the last card left in the Chase the Ace Fundraiser, and it's estimated worth is more than $30,000.
Weather permitting, ticket sales to see who gets the card will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion and the Society of the United Fishermen Hall on April 4 from 7-8:30 p.m., with the winning ticket to be drawn a half-hour later.
This is the first time the Eastport Peninsula Benefit Fund committee has held the fundraiser, and all funds raised are being used to help residents in need, from the seven communities on the Peninsula, offset medical and related travel expenses.
Committee president Leonard King called it a "great way" to raise money for a worthy cause, and he never expected the fundraiser to run for a full deck of cards.
"We had heard about what it was able to do for other communities and their fundraising efforts, so we decided to apply for a license," he said.
And it's worked out well.
"It was a little slow starting out, but once people found out what the cause was for, it started to pick up," he said.
As the pot continued to grow, King said it further drove the interest in the event.
There are 50-50 tickets and moose burger sales taking place as well.
Editor's note:
If the weather proves unfit on April 4, King said Eastport's Chase the Ace will be postponed. A decision on whether or not the event will take place will be made by early afternoon.

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