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RCMP remind motorists on the Northern Peninsula to use caution in areas where caribou are known to frequent

Caribou on the Great Northern Peninsula. The animal will be reintroduced to the Grey Islands located off the eastern side of the peninsula.
Caribou on the Great Northern Peninsula. - Stephen Roberts


The motoring public on the Northern Peninsula are asked to exercise caution when travelling in the area between Eddies Cove East and Sandy Cove on Route 430 on the Great Northern Peninsula.

A significant portion of the St. Anthony caribou herd is occupying wintering habitats at these locations and increased frequency of caribou on the highway has been noted in recent days. The herd may continue to occupy these areas until later in spring when they will return to their calving ranges.

Motorists are asked to remain vigilant and reduce speed, particularly at night, when travelling along this section of the highway where there is an increased potential for encounters with caribou.

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