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Residential status in Little Bay Islands soon to be revealed

['Little Bay Islands has had the cloud of resettlement looming for a while. A group known as Friends of Little Bay Islands is now seeking answers from government about what happens to them in the event resettlement eventually happens. — TC Media photo']
Little Bay Islands has had the cloud of resettlement looming for a while. — File photo

Results expected to lead up to another resettlement vote

LITTLE BAY ISLANDS, NL — The heavily-debated and long-drawn-out resettlement process for Little Bay Islands may soon reach a step that could lead to its conclusion.

The Facebook page for the council of the small town in Notre Dame Bay recently posted that residential determinations have all been completed.
Within the next week, people will become aware of their residential status.

The significance of this follows the 89.47 per cent vote for resettlement in 2015 that fell one vote shy of the 90 per cent requirement.
The province reviewed its resettlement policy so that only individuals who live in a community year-round — with some exceptions — can vote.
It is expected this will put the voting percentage in favour of resettlement over the threshold. Reports of a more recent poll in the community also resulted in 100 per cent in favour of resettlement.

The Facebook post states the phone call verification of residential status will not involve any discussion or debate on the results, but people will have 30 days to appeal.

This is the next step in the resettlement process that is expected to lead to another vote by only the people determined “residents” of the community.

The province is providing up to $270,000 in compensation for those approved for resettlement.
It has been reported that resettling Little Bay Islands would save the province $3.8 million over 20 years.

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