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Response time not delayed, Chief

The response time to Sunday’s morning’s house fire on Main Street, Grand Falls-Windsor was not delayed as some social media posters suggested.

Investigators worked Monday to determine the cause of the blaze which destroyed this home Sunday morning.

“The call came in at 4:16 and the first truck radioed out at 4:23,” fire chief Vince MacKenzie told the Advertiser Monday. “Seven to nine minutes is the average response time in this town.”

The building was fully ablaze in the roof once firefighters arrived on the scene, he added.

“The fire was declared out in less than 45 minutes.”

“We can only go when called, “ MacKenzie continued. “Some times people are watching the fire burn or videotaping when they could have called.”

The home which was unoccupied at the time of the fire. No injuries were suffered.

RCMP investigators were on site Monday morning to try and determine the cause.

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