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Steelworkers union says long-term solution to keep Wabush recreation centre open is essential

The Wabush Recreation Centre is a major budget concern for the town.
The Wabush Recreation Centre. - Mike Power


The Steelworkers Union, #6185, that represents town workers in Labrador City and Wabush has issued a statement calling for all stakeholders to find a permanent solution to keeping the Mike Adam Recreational Complex in Wabush open.

“We appreciate the efforts that are underway to once again keep the centre from closing, but employees and the people who use the facility should not be faced with the stress of hearing the operation would be closing as they have heard in the past several years, then having the stress of finding a way to keep it open,” union president Marcie Brown and vice-president Billy Kettle stated.

The recreation centre is the heart of the community and fosters a vibrant healthy lifestyle. It is also an important factor for employee recruitment to the area.

Recreation is an important part of good mental health and enables people to connect together and forms a good sense of community, says the union.

The union also noted things are looking good to find a solution to keep the centre from closing at the end of this month. However, they emphasize its time to overcome the barriers that have caused the problems for the recreation centre in the past, and find a solution that is good for the health and welfare of all citizens in Labrador West.

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