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‘Where is my protection?’

The woman suspected of trying to kill a man over the weekend was released from jail two weeks ago, despite objecting to the court orders imposed on her and expressing concerns about her personal safety.

Rosie Mullaley/The Telegram
Tracey Ings — suspected of trying to kill her former partner — yells to reporters as she’s led out of Courtroom No. 7 at provincial court in St. John’s Monday.

Tracey Ings was back in provincial court in St. John’s Monday two days after she was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a 55-year-old man, her former partner.

Ings was agitated and continued to raise her voice during proceedings.

The 42-year-old consented to waive her bail hearing and to go back to jail only after a few of her requests were met — including that she be permitted to call her father, “to say goodbye,” call her friend and have someone retrieve her personal belongings from her residence, including her clothes.

“It took four days to find something for me to wear,” said Ings, who wore grey sweat pants and sweat shirt today. “I’m a big lady.”

Duty counsel Jason Edwards told Judge Colin Flynn that he would do his best to look into Ings’ requests before her next court date Oct. 15.

But it wasn’t the first time this month Ings caused a scene in court and made certain requests.

On Sept. 4 — when she was arrested for assaulting another man — she appeared before Lori Marshall screaming and crying, as sheriff’s officers worked to keep her under control. At that time, she had refused to stay fully clothed and came to court with her dress hanging from behind.

Marshall agreed to released her from custody. Conditions of her release included that she not return to the bed-sitting room on Empire Avenue where that man lived.

The problem was, Ings said, she also lived there.

“I’ve got nowhere to go,” she cried, according to a court audio recording from proceedings at that time.

“And there’s nowhere else that will take me … Where am I going to live?”

Ings asked for a police escort to retrieve her personal possessions because she said the man she had been accused of assaulting, “is a very sick man.”

The Crown agreed to look into having arrangements made for the removal of Ings’ belongings from the bedsitting house.

Ings then announced that “I will be going back (there),” she said before breaking down in tears. “Where is my protection?”

As for the condition to report to RNC within 24 hours, Ings said she couldn’t do it because she had no transportation.

The judge also imposed a condition that she stay away from the bank where she had reportedly caused a disturbance. However, Ings blatantly told Marshall that she would not adhere to that condition.

She was then led out of court to sign  her release papers, which witnesses said she crumbled up and threw on the floor before raising her voice and leaving the building.

She was back before a judge Saturday, suspected of stabbing her former partner, who also lived at the same bedsitting house on Lime Street where the incident happened at around 4:40 a.m., The Telegram has learned.

The victim was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Ings — who was deemed mentally fit to stand trial following a psychiatric assessment — faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and breaches of court order for reportedly stabbing the man.

As she was being led out of Courtroom No. 7 by four sheriff’s officers, she said to reporters, “I want to say something to the media. I protected myself from being physically abused and getting hurt.”



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