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GRENFELL MATTERS: International night celebrates diversity

Miu Oishi (left) and Kana Niimi, both from Japan, take part in a previous International Night at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook.
Miu Oishi (left) and Kana Niimi, both from Japan, take part in a previous International Night at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook. - Contributed

Grenfell Campus’s International Night is a display of the cultural talents and skills of students from different countries studying here in Corner Brook. The goal is to raise awareness and learn about the diverse, mesmerizing cultures from the students from different parts of the world.

International Night will take place on Saturday, Nov. 3 from 6-8 p.m. at the Arts and Science atrium.

All are welcome and admission is free.

Amna Chohan and Clarisee Uwamahora
Amna Chohan and Clarisee Uwamahora

Student Valeria-Anne is helping us to organize International Night, as well as a committee of Grenfell Campus staff including Patrick Arsenault, Melissa Halford, Jana Walsh, Nicole Miller and Heather Dawson. As volunteers at this event, we hope to contribute to this rich exchange and help to create beautiful memories for everyone to carry out through a lifetime.

As parts of the Grenfell community, representing international students and volunteering in promoting the event is very exciting to us.

We are excited to be audience members experiencing spectacular cultures under one roof on that night for the first time and are thrilled to have this opportunity to teach people a little about our cultures.

Many of us will wear traditional clothes, make traditional food and share traditional customs. It will be a great night, full of fun and special moments.

When we were accepted to Memorial University and learnt that we were going to study at Grenfell, we were flooded with a mixture of fear and excitement. The fear was of unknown expectations and the excitement was of new experiences, making new friends and discovering new cultures. After two months at Grenfell, we have finally found a place can call home, away from home.

Thanks to the awesome team planning this event, International Night is set to be the highlight of the year.

It is a unique way of connecting by sharing through plays, songs, poems, delicious meals and conversations.

No matter where we come from, there are things that will keep us connected: music, dance, food and lots and lots of good vibes.

Amna Chohan, originally from Pakistan, is studying Bachelor of Business Administration and Clarisee Uwamahoro, from Rwanda, is studying Master of Arts Environmental Policy.

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