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Dedication, passion deserves recognition

Arriving in Carbonear with the spring each year is the beautiful sound of children's voices singing and instruments playing.

Melissa Jenkins is a reporter/photographer with The Compass community newspaper.

The 44th annual Kiwanis music festival will kick off this weekend for a week of performances highlighted by some of the most talented performers from the Trinity-Conception-Placentia region.

Many of the participants train year-round for the opportunity to impress an adjudicator and the chance to walk away with an award. Some even strive for the coveted Rose Bowl.

The dedication of these performers is second-to-none, with some competing for many years in various categories.

But it's not just the students. The teachers and instructors spend countless hours preparing for competition as well. And they should be commended.

Many of these teachers have taken part in the event as performers, and eventually took a career in a musical field.

For people who appreciate music, and even those who like to be entertained, they will likely find an event they enjoy.

Those who don't have the opportunity to witness the competition are sure to find entertainment in the showcase presentations April 8-10, where award winners and top acts perform again for the public.

This competition is about the performers. It takes months of preparation for three minutes of singing, playing the piano or performing in musical theatre. Those involved deserve considerable acknowledgement.

It's not easy performing in public, knowing you're being critiqued. But these participants, whether they are 10 and it's their first competition, or 18 and it's their last chance at a Rose Bowl, know every performance is a reflection of their passion, determination and talent.

And to all the performers from us here at The Compass, as they say in the music business, break a leg.

— Melissa Jenkins is a reporter/photographer with The Compass newspaper in Carbonear. She can be reached at

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