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EDITORIAL: The grieving process is a complicated one

It's been a downtrodden couple of weeks for residents in Conception Bay North.

Compass reporter/photographer Nicholas Mercer.

There have been a number of sudden deaths - five to be exact - leaving many to mourn the deaths of loved ones, family members and friends.

The most recent tragedy involved a pair of cousins who were the victims of a fatal industrial accident.

For the last 14 days or so, a haze of grief has hung over the area for what seems like forever.

You have to feel for the families as they cope with their loses.

Situations like these are not easy on any one. From first responders to bystanders, all feel a weight on their shoulders.

Grief is one of those feelings that affect you whether you are close to the victims or not. Maybe grief isn't the right word.

Perhaps empathy would be more suited to the situation.

Take this profession for example. Journalists are often times tasked with speaking to a person at their lowest point, then quickly moving to someone at their highest.

Many times, it is an emotional roller coaster that can take its toll on the psyche.

It is a little off topic, but the empathy you feel for their situation is what can break you. It takes a very capable person to handle it.

That is not just a journalist thing. That is anyone tasked with working with the family. Imagine a minister.

They go from family dinners to consoling a husband who has said goodbye to the mother of his three children.

Every one grieves in their own way. Some are stronger than others. Some take it harder than others.

But, one thing is for sure. It is all going to take time.

You have to give yourself time.

There is no timetable for grief. It doesn't punch a time card or check out when the morning comes.

It will stay with you for a day, two days or three months. It won't be easy. There is not a logarithm that calculates the solution for you.

Take it a day at a time. Remember who you need to be strong for.

Grieving is not a science; remember to take care of your self.

— Nicholas Mercer is a reporter/photographer with the Compass. He lives in Bay Roberts and can be reached at

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