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LETTER: Eager to learn about great-grandfather from C.B.N.

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I am seeking information about my great-grandfather Arthur Peddle, who was born in the Harbour Grace-Bristol's Hope area Nov. 15, 1883.

He immigrated to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1903 and grew his family there.

My grandfather (his son) told me many stories about Arthur, but unfortunately Arthur was a quiet sort who spoke little of his past. He told my grandfather he was from "Bristol Hope" (sic) and that's all my grandfather knew about his past.

Much to my delight, I had the opportunity to visit Bristol's Hope and Harbour Grace this summer and was very impressed with what I found there. Beautiful scenery and friendly people everywhere made me want to learn about my ancestors in that wonderful area even more.

If anyone would care to share any tidbit about Arthur Peddle, they can contact me at Any information, big or small, would be most appreciated.

Steve Woods writes from Little Bras d'Or, N.S.

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