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A letter in support of Carbonear mayoral candidate George Butt Jr.

Attention taxpayers of Carbonear. A couple of months ago, the citizens went to the polling stations to elect a mayor and councillors.

At that time, Sam Slade won the vote for mayor. Shortly after that, Sam Slade resigned and George Butt Jr. became acting mayor, only to be sideswiped by (fellow councillors) Ed Goff, Ray Noel and David Kennedy. 

In my opinion, these three councillors took their direction from (another mayoral candidate), Ches Ash, to call an election for mayor.

This election is a total waste of taxpayers' money. I think to the tune of $8,000.

One has to understand the town is always in the red, so the taxpayers have to borrow this money for a mayoral election. Also, 72 per cent of taxes paid to the town are paid by seniors 65 years and over. We as taxpayers have to pay interest on this borrowed money. Money we do not have.

The decision made by these three councillors — Goff, Noel and Kennedy — was ill-conceived.

In my opinion, the three councillors mentioned wanted this election because they wanted Ches Ash to be mayor. This will not happen this time around.

It was mentioned in The Compass that the mayor should have the experience to be an ambassador for the town.

As a member of the Lions Club, George Butt has been an ambassador for the Town of Carbonear for over 40 years. He has met with mayors, prime ministers and premiers from all over the country, engaging in conversations pertaining to the good work done by the Lions Club in Carbonear.

One had to understand — it was never mentioned by Goff, Noel and Kennedy — that George Butt played a pivotal role in obtaining $50,000 from the Carbonear Lions Club to give to the taxpayers of Carbonear for a skate board rink for the youth of our town and surrounding area.

Neither did Goff, Noel, Kennedy or Ash mention that George Butt played a pivotal role after receiving a request from an organization in Carbonear to the Lions Club for a donation so as the non-so-fortunate people could have a Christmas dinner in the Town of Carbonear.

If one can't call that an ambassador, I really don't know what you could call it.

I will admit that all the members of the Lions Club in Carbonear were in favour of the above mentioned, including myself.

I don't think George Butt likes to be in the limelight. But I know that he does a considerable amount of work behind the scenes for the Town of Carbonear.

— Thomas Reynolds writes from Carbonear

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