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A word from a proud expatriate Newfoundlander


In response to the letter headlined "Sorry Newfoundland, you are not what I expected," which appeared in the Aug. 13, 2013 print edition of The Compass, and also in an earlier edition of The Telegram, I would like to share a story that meant a lot to me.

I agree and disagree with a lot — and there are tonnes of responses to this person’s opinion — of the comments people made.

I’ve lived ‘away from home’ for almost 25 years now and I do try to visit home every 1-2 years to see most of my family. I’m the oldest cousin so I have a lot of weddings to attend as well, unfortunately I can’t attend all of them.

For my birthday this year I chose to go to a Yuk Yuk's stand-up comedy club. We got there early to reserve a seat away from the stage as I’ve been to comedy shows before and I know what to expect. They start the show off by joking with the people in the front of the stage and then they ask if anyone is celebrating any special occasions, but I didn’t put my hand up as I don’t like to be centered out.

The next comedian came on and he started talking about Newfoundland and to myself I said, “here we go!" I was waiting for him to ask, “Do we have any Newfoundlanders here tonight?”

But he didn’t. Instead, he started talking about the Newfoundland commercials and how nice Newfoundland looks and how the people look so friendly and everything. Then he proceeded to say, “And then you go there and it really is that nice."

When a mainlander (my word, not his) visits Newfoundland the people are saying, "How ya’ gettin’ on b’y," and "Come over to my house for a cup of tea."

He said, “If you said that in the city, people would be looking at you like you’re crazy and probably call the cops on you."

They would be looking at you like you’re a weirdo and that you may have escaped from a mental hospital or something.”

After living away for almost 25 years I do agree with his joke.

No matter what anyone says or anyone else’s opinion I am proud to be a Newfoundlander. No one or any negative comments can take that away from me.

— Alicia ‘Celeste’ Loughrey resides in Ajax, Ontario, but is originally from Northern Bay, Conception Bay

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