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Former firefighter feels efforts underappreciated

Please allow me the space in your paper to express my thanks and appreciation to all the former members of the Spaniards Bay Volunteer Fire Department.

Most have many years of service in the protection of the citizens and property, especially former Chief Hiscock, who has invested more time than anyone in running the business of the department.

These facts seem to have been lost in the mess of events of late. While it’s true that most of the members resigned their positions, we did so in support of the Chief, who supported former liaison councillor Collins, who has allegedly been the victim of bullying and harassment.

Where is the thanks and appreciation shown to the former members for all their efforts? Where is the respect and appreciation from our council? To date, I haven’t seen any.


Former firefighter Jerry Bowering, a 19-year veteran, writes from Spaniard’s Bay

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