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LETTER: B.C. writer looking for a Bay Roberts connection

I’m writing in the hopes that some kind person who knows the history of Bay Roberts can help solve a problem that is difficult for me to solve from where I live in British Columbia.

I’m trying to connect with anyone who knows the ownership history of the property at 2 French’s Cove in Bay Roberts. My great aunt, Fannie Badcock, owned this land for years until her death in 1982.  

She left it to my father, Cecil Morgan, a resident of B.C., who paid taxes on it from her death until he died in 2006. My family inherited the property and have continued to pay taxes on it. However, because neither Fannie Badcock nor my father had a deed to the property, we are trying to secure title.   

We have been advised Newfoundland law requires us to provide the names of two people who can testify as to who owned the property going back to at least 1956.  

We would be very grateful if anyone with knowledge about 2 French's Cove could help us.   

Please contact me at   

— Mary Trainer writes from Summerland, British Columbia.

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