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LETTER: Churches empty as yoga flourishes

Yoga in Pasedena.
Yoga in Pasedena.

This is more of a rant than a letter, some might say. I just can't fathom the amount of people interested in and taking part in yoga.

I wonder do they know it is a Hindu and Buddhist practice? Wouldn't make any difference, I don't know. To each his own and all that, as my mom would say.

I do know that, as a Christian, our churches are emptying at an alarming rate, while something like yoga is flourishing — its major influence being exercise and meditation to improve body, mind and spirit, with good results.

Following our Lord Jesus Christ, i.e. Christianity, also allows for these attributes of improvement to body, mind and spirit. How have we, as a people, lost sight of this?

Take a moment and read what our Newfoundland and Labrador Coat of Arms is telling us — "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God" — from Matthew 6:33 of the Holy Bible. Let's fall back and regroup, as the military says, and have a second look at what motivates us to improve body, mind and spirit. As a Christian, for me and mine, I would say, walk a lot, read your Bible and go to church on Sunday — or Saturday for some!

God bless.

— Joy French Coleman writes from Harbour Grace

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