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LETTER: Dispute over war memorial in Clarke's Beach is shameful, writes former deputy mayor

It has come to my attention that Clarke's Beach Deputy Mayor Wayne Snow and Coun. Kelly Kavanagh went to the joint War Memorial Committee meeting, which includes representatives from the towns of Clarke's Beach, North River, South River and the Local Service District of Makinsons.

A while ago, the four towns came together and with a vote of 4-3, being the towns of North River, South River and Makinsons, voted in favour of appointing former Clarke's Beach town councillor Winston Vokey, who has 30-plus years of municipal leadership experience, as chairman of the War Memorial Committee, only to find out to vote against one of their own, the Town of Clarke's Beach, led by the great Mayor Betty Moore.

Needless to say, who would be more qualified to chair such a committee? A man with 30-plus years on council, the person who dug the trenches and started the first fundraising for this monument to be placed in the town.

I remember as a young man in the Town of Clarke's Beach the man who organized every war memorial service, the man who raised the money and made sure that this was a successful project.

This memorial represents the four towns, which had veterans who fought for the freedom we have today.

I would say I'm ashamed to say that I once served on council with Betty Moore.

For someone to stoop so low for her own personal agenda, to send two councillors to that meeting with a directive to inform the committee that if Winston Vokey (chairman) wasn't removed by July 1, the Town of Clarke's Beach would take over and oversee everything related to the war memorial, leaving out the other towns.

Shame on you, Clarke's Beach town council.

— Kevin Hussey is a former deputy mayor with the Town of Clarke's Beach.

Editor's note: The Compass is looking into this issue, and plans to present all sides of this dispute in the coming days.

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