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LETTER: Harbour Grace council should not shut down stadium committee

Players practice at the Danny Cleary Community Centre in Harbour Grace.
Players practice at the Danny Cleary Community Centre in Harbour Grace.

Editor’s Note: The following letter was addressed to the Town of Harbour Grace.

Dear Council;

I consider myself a valuable contributor to this town. I pay my taxes, educate the youth of this community, and volunteer as much as I can. I have served on many town committees and I like to believe that I have served my town well.

Last year, council asked for citizens interested in serving on a committee for the new arena to put their names forward. We were then informed via letter and several meetings (approximately six) occurred before we were informally notified we were no longer needed.

This of course would have been the second committee formed, as there was one who dissolved previous to this one, after disagreements with council. This seems to be a trend in my humble opinion. In fact, I voted for you, the current council on the premise that the last council commonly had far too many of their “friends” on committees in order to control what went on in these types of meetings. Ironic isn’t it?

To say I am disappointed and hurt to hear about a “new” stadium committee that does not include me or many other members of the “second” committee leaves me with several questions;

·      When was our committee properly dissolved?

·      Did we do something incorrectly in the eyes of council?

·      What is this new committee responsible for?

·      Why does my town not value my time?

It’s a kick in the face.  It says to me, “thanks for coming out but we don’t need you anymore”! The “gates are open, come on in,” if we approve your name! I might be loud, I might be opinionated, I might not agree with you. However, I have a valuable set of skills to offer. This town doesn’t exactly have a huge volunteer base. It’s certainly not big enough to turn people away.

It was discussed at a previous council meeting to send our committee members thank you notes, don’t bother.  I will vote this fall and I will campaign against those of you who have orchestrated this conundrum. 

A $20-million facility will need some creative and articulate minds to make it work. I would suggest you don’t turn its supporters away!

I don’t understand your logic. However, I would like to have a response to this letter explaining why I am no longer wanted on this committee.

— Pamela Whelan writes from Harbour Grace

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