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LETTER: Lamenting the loss of Northern Bay school

As a former resident of Northern Bay and attendee of Corpus Christi Parish School, I wish I had been able to have a vote on the tearing down of the school.

The former school in Northern Bay, as seen in this memorable photo.

I would I have voted "No," but at least I would have felt that I had a say.

Wikipedia states the following in the full page synopsis of Northern Bay: "The closing of the school has left an indelible impression on local life, particularly as it was also a centre for community gatherings and a symbol of growth and autonomy for not only Northern Bay but the entire North Shore region."

No words could never be more true. I did have to look up the word "indelible," however, you're never too old to learn something new. Indelible: not able to be forgotten or removed.

The school — home of the Comets — was closed down in 2002. It has been hard for me to accept and I'm not even living home. I can't imagine how those who live at home and have to pass it every day feel. Maybe it's actually easier for them than seeing the land empty and bare every one two two years.

Even though I was a socially awkward child/teenager, I still have wonderful memories of the school. A few are not-so-wonderful, but the good definitely outweigh the bad. We had some great times as children playing Jacks in "The Hall." Skipping groups all over the grounds and playing chase. Some great concerts were held there too, and some great teachers, especially Mr. Mike White, God rest his soul.

The adults enjoyed it too; many a Bingo game, New Year's dances in the gymnasium and even wedding receptions were held there. I remember the older crowd would have volleyball tournaments, which were fun to go and watch, never mind participate in.

It's all gone now, but will it will live in the memories of all who attended. It left an indelible impression on all of us.

— Alicia "Celeste" Loughrey is a former resident of Northern Bay. She now resides in Ajax, ON.

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