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LETTER: Looking ahead to the next provincial election

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Who is going to win the next provincial election?

We deserve a party that is trustworthy, has integrity, and has the intelligence to guide our province through these troubled times ahead.

Unfortunately, I see no such party. So, we have to go with the next best thing … the Liberals.

Before I start, please do not support anyone who crossed the floor. They joined their original party because of a common platform that they truly believed in. Then, something happened... a difference of opinion, a power struggle, or potential electability that drove them to greener pastures. Of course, anyone can change, but to the extent of changing ideologies … come on!

Have you seen recent reports showing political contributions made to each party? The Liberals have hundreds of thousands contributed by many factions. The PC's and the NDP have just thousands contributed mainly by members themselves. This must tell you something — support problems??

Let’s look at the Tories and their "charismatic" leader — Chess Crosbie and his followers. Besides going on old party policies and trying to replace members that declined to run again, they don't have much of a shot. Too bad Chess is not like his father.

The NDP leader Lorraine Michaels .. oops I'm sorry... I mean Earle McCurdy. Hold on, I’ll get it right in a minute. Gerry Rogers and her following can rejoice in knowing that they still might have an official party if no more members defect or if last minute runners have a chance of winning. Miracles do happen.

The Liberals have a definite majority government in 2019. Who knows, they may get a clean sweep. It's just as well they save all their campaign money and the entire caucus head to Jamaica during the election. They could lay on the beach and bask in their glory while smoking a joint.

Jeff Holmes


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