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LETTER: Premier's decisions will catch up to him, says writer

Premier Paul Davis (P.D.) may have left his guns behind some years back at the police department, but in his first week in office, unbelievable as it may sound, P.D.shot himself in the foot no less than twice.

Sailing into the job the new premier promised smoother waters and a breath of badly-needed fresh air into the office located on the top floor of Confederation Building above the House of Assembly. Instead, within just three days the tide of public negativity began to roll and hasn't ebbed yet. 

If tested on his first week in office, P.D. would no doubt get a resounding F. To me, his appointment of king maker, Steve Kent to the deputy Premier position plus minist of bealth. smacks of payback. His appointment of young lawyer Judy Manning to the Attorney General position is something that will haunt him for the rest of his political career I think (was John Ottenheimer considered? he would be ripe for the job I assume).

And, P.D's lackadaisical attitude about the Humber Valley Paving fiasco is astounding.

Why not a judicial enquiry Mr.Premier?

The Auditor General's report is only a start —  it is not an end. Roles quite different The twice elected MHA who served honourably in a number of portfolios in the Dunderdale and Marshall governments obviously is finding quickly the role of a MHA and the role of Premier are quite different in many respects.

Liberal leader Dwight Ball must be scratching his head in amazement about it all. He may have been running nearly seventy percent in the popularity polls over the Conservatives, now he can rest assured he is in the low eighties.

Call the election Premier and get ready to serve as Opposition Leader — it's only a matter of time and you will save yourself and your Cabinet a year of crucifixion from the opposition parties and the media.  

— Bill Westcott writes from Clarke's Beach.

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