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LETTER: Tax bill excessive while unincorporated communities pay nothing

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I just received my municipal tax bill for 2018 from the Town of Small Point-Broad Cove-Blackhead-Adam’s Cove. I have a summer residence there, the house I grew up in, but sadly don't visit as often as I used to.

$1,195 seems a lot for only half-a-dozen trips a year but it’s also excessive for the residents who live there full-time, so why should people like myself who only spend a maximum of four to five months pay that amount?

If we have a residence there whether we live full time or not, that's our decision and we should pay the full amount. An aside note, without the non-residents, council wouldn't exist because we make up the majority of the taxpayers.

The big question is why should anybody living in this council area pay taxes? The answer is simple, they shouldn't.

Why should they pay almost $1,200 — and I believe that's the minimum — for services people living in adjacent communities get for free. What do they get that other non-incorporated communities don't pay for? Provincial government pays for their infrastructure and plows their roads.

If this town was not incorporated, what would the residents have to pay? They would have to pay for their water and garbage collection and the provincial government would have to pay for the rest. Ask the people who live just outside this area what they pay then do the math. They've probably moved there for this reason.

Do I believe we should download this problem on provincial government? Of course I don't, but why should people who live in unincorporated towns be getting the services that people who live in incorporated towns pay for? They shouldn't.

We should all pay our fair share, but until someone stands up and asks their politicians to grow a backbone and force incorporation on every town, then we should all stop paying our taxes in these small towns.

The solution is simple. Don't pay your taxes, let council dissolve and then maybe something will be done to make municipal taxes more balanced and fair.

Walter Badcock writes from Goulds

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