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LETTER: The dog show is alright, says Clarke's Beach writer

It was delightful to see the Conception Bay Kennel Club welcomed at the Bay Arena in Bay Roberts Aug. 9-10 where they staged their 2014 dog shows.  

The first event on Saturday (Aug. 9) and the second on Sunday (Aug. 10) provided dog lovers, like my wife and I, the opportunity to see first hand the enjoyment of competition and the fellowship amongst the competitors.

There were about 50 dogs competing — from the tiniest little puppies up to the Great Dane and the always impressive Newfoundland. We attended the Sunday afternoon show and enjoyed every minute especially watching the final best in show competition. Do come back.

Congratulations to all the competitors who put on quite a show. Congratulations, as well, to the show organizers who, although it was their first time hosting the dog show at The Bay Arena, did a splendid job in every respect. A huge undertaking for sure.

I am sure the spectators in attendance and the dog owners enjoyed the competition and the overall opportunity to see up close so many beautiful dogs of many breeds. It was the first time for us to see a Great Dane up close and, boy what an experience it was.

That is one huge dog!

We hope this is the first of a long lasting relationship with Bay Roberts and the Conception Bay Kennel Club. Bay Roberts is a convenient location to host such an event and I applaud the decision makers to move it to the Bay Arena.

We look forward to next year's event with so many of our furry friends in competition.

Do come back.  

— Bill Westcott writes from Clarke's Beach.

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