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LETTER: We deserve good people

Dear editor:  The City of Corner Brook Council has invited public comment on the proposed changes to the Mayor and Council remuneration. These changes are reasonable and necessary in my view.

Coun. Tony Buckle is of the view that Council remuneration should be used “to attract good people.”

It’s been my experience that there are many people, if not most, who offer themselves to serve on city council to give back to the community and are not primarily motivated by the amount of remuneration they receive. Almost without exception, the elected councillors with whom I came into contact were not even aware of the remuneration available to them. Many of the people who have served on council do so simply because they believe they have something to offer and are concerned about the future direction of the city.

Council positions are not full-time positions. City staff manage the affairs of the city and implement the policies of Council. Some councillors may choose to get more involved in city matters than necessary. This makes the position of councillor more time-consuming than it needs to be and may result in a misguided rationale for higher compensation.

The amount of remuneration and benefits should not be thought of as a motivation to attract people away from existing jobs. People who have contributed to the community in the past and wish to continue that role in a different forum, or those who have a particular skill to bring to the council table which they want to share for the good of the community, will continue to be the motivation.

The residents of Corner Brook deserve to be represented by good people and I believe that such is the case with the majority of the present mayor and council and as the many who have served in the past. We are grateful for their service to the community.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide input into this important subject.

Martin Roberts, Corner Brook

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