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Rock star should get out of sealing debate

I wish Paul McCartney and his like would use their money and their mouths to better humankind and leave our seal industry alone.

An adult harp seal basks on sea ice about 30 kilometres northeast of Fogo Island. In a day of searching, this is as close as International Fund for Animal Welfare workers will get to a live seal in a day of searching. - Photo by James McLeod/The Telegram

There are so many worthwhile causes to take part in: the lost girls overseas, homelessness, addictions, world hunger; the list is endless.

Our seal industry comes under a category of dire importance as well. It’s an industry, a livelihood that supports families and business.

McCartney would do well to invest in it as a profitable venture and add to his riches. Otherwise, hands off McCartney. White coats don’t stay cute for long. I love my sealskin coat and the flippers were good too.


Joy French-Coleman writes from Harbour Grace

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