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Shoulder too small along Heart's Content barrens

I wrote the Transportation and Works department on Oct. 13. I have a concern with the shoulders of the road on the Heart's Content barrens.

To date, I have not received a reply from anyone in the department. That in itself tells me how concerned the department is about this. They have an email contact address on the government website and no one bothers to answer them. That'swhere our tax dollars are going. In a normal business, an email would be answered within two or three days, but not our government! Oh no, that would be too efficient. I am not the only one, as I posted this concern last week on my Facebook page and received many comments agreeing with this concern.


As I stated in the email to government, the Heart's Content barrens is a main connector road between Trinity Bay and Conception Bay and used by a lot of emergency vehicles for the Carbonear Hospital, workers commuting and people with everyday needs. How would one ever 'move over' in accordance to the government's new legislation with shoulders as they are on that road? I believe that the shoulders are supposed to be 1.5 meters wide? There is a large fine for not moving over!

I hate to think what would happen if someone does try to pull over, especially now when the snow comes. There would be another accident, as the vehicle would definitely tip over or at the very least be damaged at the owner's cost! This is bloody well ridiculous! Our Liberal candidate Steve Crocker has taken this issue on and is looking into this matter as well. This is a huge issue for those using that main highway between the bays on a daily basis! Something needs to be done. This would never be the case on the mainland, where many of the roads such as this are paved much wider and have much better shoulders. Why are we receiving second class roads here in Newfoundland? This type of thing has to change!

- Eileen Matthews writes from New Perlican

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