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Tribute to Harbour Grace cathedral

I sit alone in this holy place; it’s stillness all around, except for the wind, and a light rain on the windows.

Immaculate Conception church in Harbour Grace is one of two places of worship recently closed in Immaculate Conception Parish by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Falls.

There is a feeling of awe and wonder, and sadness, as the doors of this place of worship will soon be closed. This edifice has stood for over a hundred years or more.

The twin spires, reaching toward the sky. The light of the statue, facing the harbour, has been a beacon to ships coming into port.

I think of the people who sat in these pews, worshiped and prayed, brought their concerns.

I heard the laughter of children, the crying of a baby as cool water was placed on his head, and being held in strange arms.

I hear the organ as a bride walks the aisles. The bell as the couple walked out to begin a new life.

The grief and tears as a loved one is taken to their rest.

A tear falls as I hear the words, “Be not afraid, I go before you.”

This building may one day be gone, but it is the people who made the church, and she will remain in their hearts forever.

Yvonne Moores writes from Harbour Grace


'Catholic diocese approves closures of churches in Harbour Grace, Spaniard's Bay'

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