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NL roots are fascinating


Dear editor,
married a Newfoundlander, and about 30 years ago, moved to Dildo.
My father, Hubert Maxwell Pelley, was also born and raised in Montreal. His parents were Frank David Pelley (18812-1951) from George's Brook and Cecelia Jane Pinksen (1890-1961) from Seal Cove.
My mother, Rhonda Amphion (Barrette) was born in 1915 in Bishop's Cove, and moved with her family to Montreal (Verdun) when she was eight. Her parents were John (Jack) Barrett (1882-1957) of Bishop's Cove and Jessie Dawe (1890-1986) of Port de Grave.
My cousin, Rhoda Burton-Levert, daughter of Muriel (Barrett) Burton, and myself are fascinated by our Newfoundland predecessors.
We came across Barrett/Dawe memorabilia when going through my parents' things after they died. Mom had written stories of events surrounding the family's move to Montreal in the early 1920s. Roland Peddle, a cousin of our mother's on the Dawe side has extensively researched the Daw/Dawe family back to the 1500s. Rhoda now has a copy of this.
We have found World War 1 letters and photos, a great uncle in the 73 Battalion of Newfoundland Regiment stationed possibly for a time in Aldershot, England, in 1916.
It's said 'not one family in Newfoundland was left untouched by the horrific tragedy of Beaumont Hamel.' Perhaps these precious bits, hidden away for many years, are our family's link.
The Pelley family history has been researched, compiled, printed, and shared by my uncle, Ralph Pelley. The name Dan Pinksen is mentioned. Intriguingly, the Pinksens/Pinkstens moved from Brigus to Seal Cove, or perhaps, Seal Cove to Brigus.
I'll be attending two informal family gatherings in August. One in Vermont with Uncle Ralph, Uncle Lloyd, his twin Aunt Pat, Lloyd's wife, as well as all the Pelleys of my generation.
The other is in the Laurentians (north of Montreal), at the cottage that Jack and Jessie built with their family. It was sold in the early 1970s. All the Barrett children and grandchildren spend summer vacations at that cottage.
My dad's brothers, Ralph and Lloyd, my mom's brother Gordon and sister Muriel are the last of that generation, dear ones all, but age has taken its toll.
Any amount of information, as well as any direction to information, will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Catherine Higdon, Dildo

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