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11th annual World Cup of Tiddly takes place in Carbonear

CARBONEAR, NL — Carbonear Days Weekend took place this past weekend, as did the World Cup of Tiddly.

Carbonear Days Weekend gives residents of Carbonear an opportunity to explore the various things to see and do in their own community, with plenty of events taking place between Thursday and Monday of the week. One of the staple events held during this time is the World Cup of Tiddly – an annual sporting event that attracts dozens of people to the community’s track to watch the game unfold, or to take part as a team.

While the sport may not be as widely renowned as games such as basketball or hockey, it’s managed to make a name for itself among those who call Carbonear home. Over the last 11 years, many of these residents eagerly anticipate their chance to get out on the field in August of each year to take part in the event.

This year was no different, with several games taking place throughout the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 5th between both men’s teams and women’s teams.

Ultimately, two teams came out on top for each category. The Flings claimed the ladies’ championship, while Skipper’s Boys came out on top for the men’s.

The Compass attended the event on Sunday and has these photos to share.

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