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Ask the People: What are your biggest surprises of this NHL season?

Perhaps the most meaningful thing about the American Thanksgiving in Canada is that it marks the quarter-point of the National Hockey League season. Though there is still lots of hockey left to play, it’s a significant point of no return for many teams and players. Over the last five seasons, a remarkable 77.5 per cent (62-of-80) of teams that hold a playoff spot at American Thanksgiving have gone on to clinch a berth in the postseason.

Question: What or who has been the biggest surprise of the NHL season so far for you?

Stephen Ford

Corner Brook

Seeing the Vancouver Canucks and the Buffalo Sabres actually doing pretty well this season.

Riley Simms

Corner Brook

I think the Toronto Maple Leafs are actually going to do really well this season.

Tyler Hunt

Corner Brook

How many points (Ottawa Senators forward) Matt Duchene has got so far.

Jason Rowsell

Corner Brook

I think I’m surprised at how good the Montreal Canadiens are. I don’t like them, but, yeah.

Cory Chubbs

Mount Moriah

I thought Las Vegas was going to be a lot better in their second season. They had a really good first season, so it’s surprising they’re losing as much as they are now.

Wade Mullins


I don’t know, aren’t the Leafs up close to first place? That’s surprising.

Wade Mullins Jr.


I was surprised the Canadiens traded Max Pacioretty.

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