Tom Suozzi will run to take the House seat from George Santos

In May, Mr. Santos was charged in federal court with 13 counts in three financial schemes. Prosecutors have accused him of fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and making false statements.

Mr. Santos has pleaded not guilty to all charges and insists he will stay in the race.

On Thursday, his former campaign treasurer, Nancy Marks, pleaded guilty to a related charge. In court, Ms. Marks said she and an unnamed co-conspirator agreed to report false campaign donations and a fictitious $500,000 loan.

That co-conspirator is understood to be Mr Santos.

Prosecutors have not charged him with falsifying the loan or other campaign finance violations. But his apparent involvement, documented by prosecutors through text messages and emails, leaves him vulnerable to more charges.

In court documents filed last month, Mr. Santos and the lawyers suggested they could discuss a plea deal, but Mr. Santos denied it. But a guilty plea or additional charges could increase pressure for him to step down or be removed from office.

Mr. If Santos vacates his seat, a special election will be held to replace him. In that case, local party leaders will choose their candidates.

A centrist Democrat who served six years in Congress, Mr. Suosi could be a key choice for her party. Even after redistricting, the district was largely Mr. Suozzi is similar to the district he represented, so he’s familiar to voters there and has a track record he can cite against a Republican opponent.

If no special election is held, Mr. Susie must win. Already, 7 people have filed a report with the Central Election Commission that they are contesting the elections.

Mr. Santos also faces a challenge in the Republican primary, with at least nine others who have filed similar documents. He is expected to face tough competition. Even before the criminal case, local Republican Party leaders called Mr. They said they would not support Santos’ bid.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Mr. Said he would not support Santos’ re-election. Mr. It’s unclear whether McCarthy’s successor, once one is chosen, will reverse course.

Mr. Santos is next due in court on October 27.

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