While calling Heart actor Mamie Laverac on life support

When calling the heart actress Mamie Laverac He was seriously injured after an accident in a hospital recently.

A 19-year-old man is on life support after falling from a five-story balcony. A GoFundMe page Started by her parents Rob And Nicole Compton.

On May 11, Mamie was under the care of a hospital in Vancouver when the accident occurred after a “medical emergency,” according to the fundraiser. “Nicole went to Winnipeg to help Mamie” and “was able to get there in time to save her life,” her family shared. After being transferred from a hospital in Winnipeg to a hospital in Vancouver, her parents wrote that “her condition is unclear at this time, but she is alive and showing signs of improvement.”

However, a subsequent update to the page shared news of an additional accident. Mami, who had been in intensive care for the past two weeks, was taken out of the hospital’s secure unit on May 26 and taken to the balcony corridor, the report said. She dropped five stories.”

“She suffered life-threatening injuries, underwent multiple extensive surgeries and is currently on life support,” her parents continued. “We are all devastated and in shock at this difficult time.”

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