YouTube Premium offers better video quality on iOS than Android

YouTube has announced some new features for its premium subscribers. While you’d expect all these features to be available on Android, iOS and other platforms at the same time, that’s not the case, at least for now.

Among those new features As mentioned on YouTube’s official blog 1080p resolution includes excellent video quality. You’d think it would land on Android first since it’s Google’s own operating system, but that’s not the case.

YouTube now offers high-quality 1080p videos, but not on Android

YouTube has added a new video quality option called ‘1080p Premium’. According to Google, it “Improved Bitrate,This will make videos look “extra crisp and clear” and will be especially noticeable in videos with “”.Lots of detail and movement.” This new video quality option is available alongside the standard 1080p video quality option, but only on YouTube’s iOS and iPadOS apps.

When will 1080p premium quality videos come to Android?

So, when is YouTube coming to the Android app? Well, Google says it’s coming to the web soon, but there’s no word on its availability for Android. This feature can bring better video quality Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, but there is no official information about its availability on those devices.

While Google talked about other features including the ability to sort videos, resume videos from where you left off, and smart downloads, those features aren’t really new. If you’re waiting for high-quality 1080p video streams, you’ll have to wait longer or use 4K resolution instead.

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