BKFC Knucklemania 4 Results: Ben Rothwell bulldozes Todd Duffy in 43 seconds

Ben Rothwell added a third knockout to his bare-knuckle fighting resume, but it didn't go the way he wanted.

The UFC veteran scored an early knockdown at BKFC KnuckleMania 4, but was unable to continue after opponent Todd Duffy fell to the canvas a second time and complained of a stinger in the shoulder. A stinger usually means nerve damage and Duffy told referee Don Miragliotta that he was done, so the fight was stopped 43 seconds into the opening round.

A disappointed Rothwell later erupted as he hoped a win would earn him a shot at the heavyweight title, but now he will have to wait to see if the promotion gets his wish.

“I'm here to knock him out for all of you,” Rothwell yelled. “He got hit the first time he was knocked down, and it's already over. I can't control my opponent.

“I came here to perform. I came here for a title fight. Of course that's what I want. But I think everyone knows what I'm doing and what I'm going to do.

The heavyweights wasted no time in trading bombs, with Rothwell planting Duffy first on the canvas as the fight began. Duffy broke the 10 count and cut Rothwell with a shot that left his nose bleeding on the restart.

In another exchange Rothwell shoved Duffy in the shoulder during a clinch. That's when Duffy fell to the ground and immediately waved to the referee that it was over.

Miraglotta later told ringside attendees that Duffy had complained of a sting in his shoulder that forced the fight to be stopped.

Regardless of how it went, Rothwell moved to 3-0 in his BKFC career, adding another knockout to his resume with Saturday's win over Duffy.

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