Nigel Farage says UK rebound will make it harder to help Trump – POLITICO

He will make a fresh bid for Parliament in the Clacton seat and will make life difficult for the ailing Conservatives in the general election on July 4.

“Rather than standing up and fighting for the interests of this country, they’ve spent the last five years fighting each other,” Farage said of the Tories when he announced his run.

Days earlier Farage had ruled out running for Parliament – vowing instead to “help the grassroots campaign” to get Trump elected to the state.

But his new plan to represent a British parliamentary seat demands weekly surgeries and dealing with local constituencies — a far cry from high-octane American campaigns.

“Obviously, if I’m elected MP for Clacton, I’m there every Friday … it’s going to be very difficult but not impossible,” Farage told reporters in his announcement on Monday.

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Farage, who has previously made unsuccessful runs for the British Parliament, confirmed he had not consulted the former president on whether he should return to the UK.

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