One dead amid flash flooding, mudslides and road closures in New York

Flash flood warning were provided Overnight to New York City, officials ask residents Basement apartments Move to a higher ground and all New Yorkers should stay off the roads. Heavy rains, the city said a report, Dangerous for low-lying areas and those with poor drainage systems.

As of Sunday evening, the Hudson Valley in southeastern New York was the hardest hit. One storm-related death was reported in Highlands, state Sen. James Skoufis (D) said in an email that efforts are underway to determine if there were more casualties because “critical infrastructure and homes were washed away.”

In some cases, entire roads were not only impassable from the floods, but “completely destroyed.” nearby US Army Garrison at West Point Flooding and flooded roads urged people to stay indoors. Orange County and Rockland County received 5 to 8 inches The National Meteorological Center has said that it will rain.

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) declared a state of emergency, saying the flooding was “life-threatening.” Orange And Ontario Districts Late Sunday. Nearly 13,000 residents are without power in Orange County because of the storm, he said.

“heavy rain” Manhattan and the Bronx could experience flash flooding National Weather Service said. Late Sunday, a inches of rain fell in areas and an additional couple of inches was expected.

The last severe flooding and flooding in New York City came from the remnants of Hurricane Ida in 2021 and was associated with 44 deaths in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 16 of them are in New York City. Inadequate infrastructure and drainage system of the city were the major factors for vulnerability to floods.

Here’s the flood in New York City

Severe weather also affected travel services this weekend. Amtrak It said it temporarily suspended services between New York City and Albany Newark And LaGuardia Airports announced that the flight was grounded.

24 Hour Estimated Rainfall

In inches as of 10 pm on July 9

24 Hour Estimated Rainfall

In inches as of 10 pm on July 9

24 Hour Estimated Rainfall

In inches as of 10 pm on July 9

“If you don’t need to be on the road, stay off the road. We have a lot of emergencies,” Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus A Facebook update from the Highland Falls area in the southern part of the county warned residents.

Numerous roads were flooded, and mudslides were reported by the City of Cornwall’s Office of Emergency Services in Orange County. “Travel is impossible,” the office said FacebookAdvising residents to move to higher ground.

State troopers are assisting stranded motorists on the Palisades Interstate Parkway in Rockland County, New York State Police spokesman Steven Newell said, reporting “terrible” conditions, with roads collapsing. Pictures shared by the state police show submerged vehicles and damaged roads on the highway.

The William Morey Popolopan Bridge Couldn’t pass at Highland Falls, and Many roads was closed.

Ida’s remnants sank northeast, killing more than 40 people

Hochul He told local reporters that the state is staring at days of repeated floods.

“My biggest concern is that most people’s lives during floods happen because they are in their vehicles β€” not in their homes, but in their vehicles,” he said.

Craig Ceasey, a meteorologist and PhD student at Mississippi State University, described the low rainfall in the Hudson Valley. “A once-in-1,000-year rain event” In a tweet.

Another meteorologist in the Hudson Valley A A month of rain In a few hours.

β€œThe #Hudson ValleyA warming climate increases the risk of heavy rain,” tweeted Ben Knoll, a New Zealand-based meteorologist in the Hudson Valley, adding that a warmer atmosphere makes heavier rain events more likely. The trend “will contribute to increased risk for extreme rainfall rates, which may also cause flash flooding,” he wrote.

Flash flood threats may extend into Monday VermontThe National Weather Service said Sunday.

Gov. Bill Scott (R) declared A state of emergency in Vermont on Sunday, expecting storms and possible flooding.

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