Russia-Ukraine War News: US-Supplied Cluster Munitions ‘Used Very Effectively;’ Zelensky says Russia has fired about 70 missiles at Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers prepare to fire a 2C22 Pohtana self-propelled howitzer at Russian positions on a front line in eastern Ukraine on July 20. (Stringer/Reuters)

Russia attacked the Odessa port area early Friday, the fourth day of attacks on the region, Governor Oleh Kiber said said In Telegram. Days after Moscow pulled out of the Black Sea Grain Initiative two rockets hit a grain terminal, injuring two employees and destroying 100 tons of peas and 20 tons of barley.

Russia withdrew from the UN-brokered deal on Monday Food exports from Ukraine to the world via Black Sea routes, But Putin said Wednesday that Russia will return if certain conditions are met. One opinion suggested that the escalating strikes “could be part of the Kremlin’s efforts to secure Russia’s exit from the Black Sea Grain Initiative and appropriate comprehensive concessions from the West.” Analysis DC think tank Institute for the Study of War.

Ukraine is now deploying controversial U.S.-supplied cluster munitions in the country’s southeast in an effort to push back Russian lines that dragged out a summer counteroffensive, The Washington Post reported. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Ukraine was using them “very effectively.”

Here’s the latest on war and its ripple effects around the world.

Russia has fired four missiles into Ukraine’s Black Sea region Straight nights this week. Two people were killed in the attack on the port city of Mykolaiv were injured 19, including five children, Ukrainian officials said early Thursday; A recent attack in Odessa killed a man named Kibar said. The wave of attacks comes after Moscow vowed to retaliate for Kiev’s strike on the Crimean bridge earlier this week.

Tensions over maritime activity in the Black Sea have risen in recent days And there is the future price of wheat got upAlthough it did not reach Its May 2022 high. As of Thursday, Russia said It considers the vessels involved in the collision en route to Ukrainian Black Sea ports, and Ukraine replied It will also treat ships bound for Russian ports as well. The White House has warned that Russia’s military has laid sea mines around Ukrainian ports and is preparing for possible attacks on civilian shipping vessels.

Cluster munitions “have an impact on Russia’s defense systems and Russia’s defense maneuvers,” Kirby said. The Biden administration made the “difficult decision” this month to send weapons, which can leave behind unexploded “bombs” years after a conflict ends.

CIA Director William J. Burns commented on the whereabouts of General Sergei Churovikhin. Wagner was on good terms with Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and his whereabouts fueled rumors after the Wagner mutiny. “I don’t think he’s enjoying much freedom right now,” Burns told NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly at an Aspen security forum. The CIA director stopped short of saying Surovikin was in custody, but his comments implied the general couldn’t move around as he wanted.

Zelensky called for funding limits on cultural activities during the war In his night speech on Thursday, just before Oleksandr Takachenko declared She resigned as culture minister on social media, citing a “misunderstanding of the importance of culture during wartime” with the president. “Museums, cultural centers, symbols, TV series – all this is important,” Zelensky said“But now there are other priorities.”

The UN Security Council is meeting on Friday to discuss the “humanitarian consequences” of Russia’s withdrawal from the grain deal. Britain’s Ambassador to the UN said on social media. The Black Sea Grains Initiative, first signed in July last year, is credited with improving food security around the world. “Ultimately, participating in these agreements is a choice,” said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. said After Russia left, “but struggling people everywhere and developing countries have no choice.”

Ukraine’s central bank said on Thursday it would nationalize Russian-owned Sens Bank, which is one of Ukraine’s top commercial banks, has been under temporary administration since Friday. The National Bank of Ukraine said the Russian connection of Sense Bank’s owners “poses a significant reputational risk and has a significant adverse impact on the bank’s operations” in Ukraine. Report.

The United States on Thursday imposed sanctions on Russian technology supply and development companies. As well as Kyrgyz Companies It was accused of facilitating Russian imports of electronic equipment in violation of Western sanctions. A Washington Post investigation published Tuesday revealed that Kyrgyz companies are profiting from transporting sanctioned Chinese and European goods to Russia.

Ukraine’s new Bradley fighting vehicles face damage and quick repairs: In the early stages of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, about a dozen newly delivered Bradleys — the heavily armed U.S. armored-killer vehicle that carries combat troops into battle — were destroyed, Isabelle Khorshutyan, Alex Horton, and Kamila Harabchuk report. Many more have been repaired and sent back to the battlefield.

Losses of equipment were expected and did not sway the Ukrainian commanders. Although some vehicles were damaged, Ukrainian troops enjoyed the benefits of more armored equipment. The Bradley protects everyone inside, and the combatants sustain only minor injuries as the vehicle hits an anti-tank mine.

Shane Harris contributed to this report.

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