Taylor Swift's father Scott Swift has accused an Australian photographer of assault

An Australian photographer has accused Taylor Swift's father, Scott Swift, of punching her in the face as the pop star and her entourage boarded a yacht.

New South Wales police say a 71-year-old man assaulted a 51-year-old man at a Sydney wharf in the early hours of Tuesday. “Eras” tour.

“We have not confirmed the names of the victims and the perpetrators of the crimes, but if every other news outlet in the world uses those names, you wouldn't be wrong,” a police statement said.

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The BBC cited a video shown to Australian media in which Taylor and his father can be seen walking towards a car, with the singer hiding his face under an umbrella and his father briefly throwing him over. Middle finger.

said photographer Ben McDonald French media agency A security guard tried to stop him from taking pictures using an umbrella, and an older man tackled Taylor as he entered the car.

“He punched me in the chops,” McDonald said. “It was a shock. I've never had anything like that happen to me in 26 years.”

Taylor's spokeswoman Trey Payne sent out a statement, alleging that McDonald and another photographer present “aggressively pushed toward Taylor, grabbed her security staff and threatened to throw a female employee into the water.”

A Video released by Australian media It shows photographers lighting images of Swifts as someone instructs: “Go ahead and step away from the vehicle.” Then, an umbrella rustles.

“Don't touch my umbrella,” says one. “No, you touched my umbrella,” another man replied, before the video fell sideways.

Nicknamed “Papa Swift,” Scott is beloved by the megastar's fans for his philanthropic acts. Serving sandwiches to fans at an earlier concert in Sydney. He left Australia with Taylor as planned after the incident, Good Morning America.

Scott Swift served food to fans at her daughter's concert in Sydney on February 23. (Video: Kriti Pandey Chhetri via Storyful)

Taylor will continue to tour Singapore. “Eras” became the tour The highest-grossing music tour Last year, and the first year with more than $1 billion in revenue.

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