The time lapse of solar cycle 25 shows increasing activity on the Sun

November 4, 2021

A series of CMEs in solar cycle 25 caused the first severe geomagnetic storm – G4 – to occur. Continuing activity on Halloween, this same sunspot region triggered at least one CME as the Sun rotated out of view. Another CME soon followed (probably from the same region) and then another. A third, faster CME catches up with the other two and joins them in a so-called “cannibalistic CME.” On November 3 and 4, combined winds of plasma swept over Earth. Aurora BorealisOr the Northern Lights, seen as far south as California.

January 29, 2022

Since January 29, a series of CMEs have erupted on the Sun. They weren’t particularly large or energetic, but when they reached Earth on February 3 and 4, they entered. Small geomagnetic disturbance for several days. These disturbances caused Earth’s outer atmosphere to warm and expand. During the event, Starlink, a private space agency, launched 49 satellites destined for low Earth orbit. As these satellites ascended through the expanding atmosphere, they encountered more drag than expected. 38 of the 49 satellites burned up.

April 20, 2022

In solar cycle 25 (as of March 2023) the Sun exhibited its greatest solar flare. The The X2 flare emitted its own radio waves, as well as disrupt radio wave propagation through the ionosphere resulting in Level 3 radio blackout. This area also produced several weak (M class and C class) flares.

January 2023

The number of sunspots increased in January. Activity was particularly high in late February, with an X-class eruption on February 25 (the second largest in the cycle so far), a A CME-induced magnetic storm on February 27and more than 20 radio blackouts Between February 20 And March 5Intensity ranges from mild to severe (level 1-3).

March 13, 2023

The Sun has unleashed what is estimated to be the fastest and most energetic CME yet in Solar Cycle 25. Moving at a remarkable speed of over 2000 kilometers per second, this CME would have traversed the 150 million kilometers between the Sun and Earth in less time. More than 20 hours. Fortunately, the CME is not directed toward Earth; It went in the opposite direction – orbiting Jupiter on the Ides of March. The event was so large and energetic that the particles eventually reached Earth. Causes a minor (level 1) radiation storm.

March 23, 2023

We took care of ours Second severe geomagnetic storm (G4) In solar cycle 25, the largest such event in nearly six years. Power outages were reported in several states, and more than half of the United States was hit by the aurora as far south as New Mexico, Missouri and North Carolina.

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