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The US Coast Guard says ‘presumed human remains’ have been found in the debris field of the defunct Titan submersible.

Paul Daly/The Canadian Press/AP

Debris from the Titanic submarine recovered from the seabed near the wreck of the Titanic was unloaded in Newfoundland on Wednesday.


“Presumed human remains” have been recovered from the seabed in the area Destroyed Titan is submersible debris field, the US Coast Guard said Wednesday.

The Coast Guard said the remains were recovered “in the wreckage” of the submarine. Press release – The announcement comes nearly a week after officials confirmed the Titanic was aboard exploded in the North Atlantic, killing all five on board.

US medical experts will examine the presumed remains, the Coast Guard said.

On Wednesday, large pieces of the submarine were loaded onto a Canadian ship, according to the company’s effort and photos of the work.

A white panel-like piece – taller than the two men guiding it ashore – and another piece of the same size made of ropes and wires covered in white tarp were taken from the anchor handling vessel. Horizon Arctic At the Canadian Coast Guard in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, photos by The Canadian Press Paul Daly.

It was not immediately clear what the pieces were. The Titan is made of carbon fiber and titanium and weighs 23,000 pounds. Only five adultsAccording to OceanGate, it operated craft as part of its offering Serious tourists Get up close to the century-old wreck of the Titanic for $250,000 per person.

Paul Daly/The Canadian Press/AP

The Titan debris, retrieved from the ocean floor, was unloaded Wednesday from the Canadian Coast Guard vessel Horizon Arctic in St. John’s.

Pelagic Research Services, the company that owns the remotely operated vehicles that brought Titan’s remains to the surface, has now “successfully completed” its work at sea. , it told CNN.

The team members “have been working around the clock for ten days now through the physical and mental challenges of this operation and are eager to complete the mission and return to their loved ones,” the company said in a statement.

Pelagic Research Services referred questions to the U.S. Coast Guard, whose team could not comment or provide any related information. Investigation Into Titan’s Lair. It said the company will hold a news conference at its East Aurora, New York, location “after our team reintegrates.”

A spokesperson for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada declined to comment to CNN, saying more information about its investigation is warranted.

The tail cone and other debris from the submarine were found about 1,600 feet from the Titanic by a remotely operated vehicle, as the Titanic sank on June 18 in the North Atlantic Ocean, about 13,000 feet off the coast of the United States. Guard said June 22.

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