Titanic crew killed after ‘catastrophic explosion’

5:56 PM ET, June 22, 2023

Expert describes how robots and other machines could help recover Titan wreckage

A ship capable of retrieving the wreckage of the Titan submarine, if properly equipped, and remotely located vehicles on the seabed, he said Thursday.

The vessel will need a wire-topped crane that can reach a depth of 4,000 meters (about two and a half miles), which is found on many vessels engaged in offshore gas and oil construction, Martin told CNN’s Jake Tapper. .

Rescue crews will need one or two remotely operated vehicles or ROVs. have already played an important role Captain said, looking for signs of Titan. ROVs are large, powerful machines that can be controlled from a ship above.

The ROVs work with a crane to move pieces of the sub into large “recovery baskets,” which look like half of a shipping container made of mesh, Martin said.

ROVs will pick up the pieces with their hands and move them into baskets or help attach the pieces to straps for a crane, which will lift the pieces to the surface, he said.

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